Send emails to multiple recipients based on Google Sheets

Hello I have google sheet with clients contact informations and there is a column with emails. In every cell of this column i have 1 or more emails in this format: email1, email2, email3,
I want to search for i client in this Google Sheets and send emails to these email addresses.

Hwo should i map the field recipients to add more than 1 email? What should be the format if the recipient input?

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Have you tried just as they are in the sheet?
It should work by separating the emails by comma. If that does not work trying using replace() to change the comma to semi-colon ; and see email will accept that format.


OK, tahnks:)
I have 2 emails, i tried comma and semi-colon. It is not working.

Ok, I’ve not used this module before, but now I see that it’s an array type field so you need to give it an array.

Try using the split function on the input, with a comma as a delimiter, like this: split({{45.Text}}; “,”)