How can I connect a third party SOAP Webservice with Webflow via make


I need to consume a SOAP webservice, with SecurityToken, sending SOAP requests containing form data and displaying XML response data as HTM on a webflow page.

Is it possible to set it up in make?
With steps do I need to take and can it be directly connected or do I need to add a Rest API or else?

There will be multiple form pages where you can 1) calculate insurance ratings 2) request an offer and last 3) send conclusion of the contract
on each page

I am also considering to hire a professional to get the job done.

Hi Verena
I’m looking to do the same thing to connect to Blackbaud CRM.
I’ve managed to do a single bit via Postman and am now looking at how to construct the Soap Envelope in a Custom App
I’ll let you know how I get on

Hi paulus999,
sounds promising. Hopefully you’ll get it all covered. Keep me in the loop how it’s going.

Hey @Verena yes this is possible, we’ve done it a few times for some SOAP services already.
It is a bit tricky with the Make engine sometimes, but if you know how to do it :wink:

What are you looking for exactly?

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I’ve got 5 different forms that will be used to request insurance quotes (get rates, get offer and send contract closing. The webservice that I have to send the requests to and will receive the response is a SOAP Webservice. So I’ll have to translate form data to XML enclosing the SOAP envelope and authentification data via token. The token will be generated in a previous service call with a user.
The response then needs to be translated from XML to display Messages in HTML (textarea) as well as linking PDFs that will included in the response.

So I have to be able to update the frontend depending on service response.
There also a lot of dependencies (if cases) according to selected form data. So the request will be build variable to additional options.

The service communication must be secure. No exposing the authentification user and no exposure of personal data (contract data, customer data)

@Verena The XML webservice can be called by creating a custom Make app. This should not be a problem as long as you understand their API correctly. Make sure you do proper research on the API reference such as authentication, API calls etc.
We’ve done it before, so it is possible :wink:

So I have to be able to update the frontend depending on service response.

This completely depends on the frontend you are using. Make is really an integration platform, and while it can return certain HTML data by using webhoks & webhook responses it’s not really build for this. However, if you think out the logic behind this all correctly and have a frontend which can request data dynamically this is all possible.

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I am trying to work with the MAKE SOAP module also. I was able to pull in all the fields with this URL but when sending a request we do not get any sort of reply and confirmed with the client that nothing has registered on their end.

@Bjorn.drivn are you saying the module will not work for all out of the box?

Link to our wsdl file

Other instructions

Thanks, Scott

Hey @scott74 and @Verena ,

So the SOAP module in Make curently has a lot of limitations, it also doesn’t show you any debugging data in the console when running the module which doesn’t allow you to check whats going on.

You could either use the HTTP module or create a custom app to make sure its working.

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