SOAP API Requests

Hi, All.
I’m trying to make a SOAP API call that contain username and password in the “Header” and also a token in the body message.
Tried 0code-kit, http, and built-in JSON module and all with the same result of BAD REQUEST.
Does anyone have succeeded to complete this task, please help.
Thank you.

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You should be using the SOAP module.


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Without details or any information about your failed executions, my first question would be, the HTTP header or the SOAP header? My guess would be the SOAP header looking at your error.

First of all I would start some debugging as most of the times the SOAP webservice will give you more info. Run the single module and check your browser console for the full response body. Go from there.

If you want to use the SOAP module, be aware that it is still beta and has several exclusions. Check the docs for details: Also, it won’t work if WSDL is not published on the SOAP webservice.

I usually choose to use the HTTP module and create my own SOAP requests from scratch. For SOAP services where the WSDL is published you can use SoapUI to browse the endpoints and create example requests. Otherwise you should have to consult the documentation of the SOAP application. Then copy/paste the request and use it in Make…

Here is an example SoapUI output and an example HTTP request for a SOAP webservice.

Be aware, SOAP (in Make) is for the diehard nerds. If you are new to SOAP (at least the HTTP request side), prepare to spend some time learning and trying. Most SOAP documentation s#cks… if it even exists.