Use api soap


I’m trying to use a soap API, but it’s impossible. I have no problem with REST but I never used

Infromation :

  • The Web Service user identifies himself with 2 login/mdp pairs, the first one being the one associated to his access to the Web Service and the second one to his access to Silae. to the Web Service and the second one to Silae. If this identification does not return any error, an identification token will be assigned to him. He will have to pass this token to any request (in general, as a first argument).

  • The identification token is linked to server-side persistent data, which is no longer maintained after five minutes of inactivity.

SWS_LoginResult SWS_SiteLogin(string SWSLogin, string SWSPassword, string USRLogin, string USRPassword)
With :

  1. SWSLogin and SWSPassword are the credentials allowing your access to the web service
  2. USRLogin and USRPassword are the usual identifiers allowing your access to the Silae product

Who can help me?

GitHub - integromat/node-soap: A SOAP client and server for node.js. here is the SOAP module source from makes github with notes.
have you checked the documentation on SOAP and confirmed if one of the features not suppported in the module is in your setup

if so you will need to use the HTTP module

Otherwise since i believe most in this community are more familiar with Rest or Graph (I almost never run into SOAP) myself.

you might want to reach directly out to support.

Thank you for your answer @JugaadiTech

I had also seen the post on soap. I made a request to the support

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