How can I get all value from an array of collection of collection


I want to retrieve all value (called “label” see screenshot) from an array of collection. In order to put them into one single email.

Can you please help me out ? I saw some video about retrieving one specific value bvut I’m muy case I want to get them all.

Thanks for your help

How do you want to display the result, to get the label as an array, what you can do is use map function,

map(Modeles de lodge;label)

Where Modeles de lodge… is the mapping that you want to use the formula from the output module if the given array.

If you want to have the output as Comma separated then use join function,

join(map(Modeles de lodge;label);,)

Thanks a lot ! It is working now !

Do you know why I’m not allowed to use the data of the module before the text aggregator ?

If you use an array aggregator, any module that is part of the aggregator won’t be visible to the latter modules.

Ok thanks for everything @Runcorn - Do you know if there is a workaround ?

You can use an iterator before the text aggregator and then in the text aggregator you can set the source to Iterator, this way the first module can be accessed by other modules.