Accesing each value of a Collection in an Array


I have a question and hope someone could help me. I am fairly new here and I was woundering how can I access each item of a collection in an Array? I need almost each one of the items of each of the 2 bundles (this is an example with two but I’ll have like 7 bundles)

Trying to access them this way I just see items for one of the 2 bundles (see below)

I don’t want an itterator since I will be generating a google docs from a template using these values and I tried doing it before but it generated several documents for each bundle.

Would appreciate your guidance. Thanks!!

Try iterating them and then aggregating them with a text aggregator to get the all the collections into one text block. Once you use the text aggregator it will generate just 1 bundle you can use in your google docs module.


Hey! Thanks for your reply. After executing the scenario I get as result [collection], [collection] with no actual values. Any idea of what am I missing?

Also I believe this will work but then I will need to use the get function to get the value I want. I was thinking if there was the option to display each collection as individual arrays so I could map the values easily

Can you share your output bundles from the iterator as text? You can Download output bundles from the iterator and then paste it here with code formatting.


Facing the exact Same issue of getting [collection]

You still need to use an Iterator on the Array Aggregator to iterate over each record in the created array. The Text Aggregator will thentake every input of the iterator module and aggregate it together. and create one single long string.
Similar example


This is correct! You can’t just take the full Array[] from the iterator since it contains collections. So you’ll have to reference each element by clicking the elements (Musculo, (reps, Series y mas), Dia, etc) from the “Star” element picker UI into the Text Aggregator.


Yes, thats correct. I was using the array and not each element. Thanks for your help!!


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I will check it out. Thanks!

this worked for me thankyou