Aggregator vs Iterator is there a 3rd option?

Iterator: The Iterator shows me all the values I need but in separate bundles meaning it will run the process multiple times. I need all those values but ran in one process. Such as the ‘fake examples’ I gave in the “Word Templates” screenshot.

Aggregator: This seems to give me all of the data in one bundle but a can’t grab each line as a separate value to put into my word doc.

What am I doing wrong/missing?

Could you use an Array Aggregator to put each line into a separate element, then in your Word Template, access each element of the array using the get() function? I think this would work if it’s a finite number of bundles/rows of text.

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For those of you with the same issue in the future… hopefully this helps as I spent hours on google looking for an answer. Donalds reply will set you on the correct path, if you’re still confused or not sure what he’s talking about. Take a look here Using get() and map() functions