Aggregator -> iterator question

Hi Makers, I’m wondering how to iterate (41) through the array the aggregator (40) outputs?

I cannot select an array of only the public ID here, does this require taking the entire array and applying inline array functions (I’m not familiar with) on it, or is there an easier way?

Thanks for your input!

PS: Just realized that it’s more complciated as I selected in the aggregator (40) the target structure to be the Airtable attachment field, thus removing the other outputs…

Not sure, the exact usecase, what you can do in an iterator is directly pass the output of the aggregator i.e array with selecting the fields associated with the original array. If you want to iterate using specific fields, you can also utilize map function for it.

Screenshot from 2023-06-18 15-24-11

Once, you run the scenario, the iterator will have the mapping available for you to use in your last module.

If you just want the profile id something like this will work,

Screenshot from 2023-06-18 15-25-01

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Thanks @Runcorn, I will try the map function.

My use cases is:

  1. Airtable load record with multiple attachments.
  2. Iterate through attachments.
  3. Cloudinary upload.
  4. Cloudinary transform.
  5. Aggregate transformed Cloudinary output.
  6. Airtable re-upload all transformed attachments to record.
  7. Iterate through pulibc ids of the cloundary uploads.
  8. Cloudinary delete all files.