Array aggregator repeating input

I want to move attachments from one Airtable table to another.

Originally, I went straight from Get a Record to an Array Aggregator then update the records’ attachment field. This resulted in only a single file being uploaded even if there were multiple.

Then I added an Iterator after the Get Record and mapped it to the Attachment array field. This Iterator properly iterates out each attachment details.

After the iterator, I added an Array Aggregator. The Array Aggregator is set up to connect to the Airtable Update Record module after it. However, the Array Aggregator is just repeating the first item from the Iterator. It is incrementing through the Iterator’t output. Why is this?

the Array Aggregator is properly updating the Airtable record with multiple attachments but they are just repeats of the first output from the iterator.

Solved it. The Aggregator was receiving data from the previous Airtable module, not the iterator.

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