How can I get an item in a nest of collections & arrays?

I’ve tried using Get & Map functions, along with iterating over the Watch Event output, but can’t get the item value (Balance Transaction) to pull through.

Any ideas? :grin:

Hey @E11iott

The map function does not look good. To get all balance_transaction, you can use map function as map(Array;balance_transaction)

This will give an array of all transactions. Then you can apply get(Above fn;1) to get item value as string.

For more details, refer to the below video:

MSquare Support


Thanks so much for the suggestion! I’ve watched your video before posting this, but still can’t get it to work. Are to saying to use the Map function first, then Get?

Will give it another try :blush:

Map function to be used first and then you need to apply the get() function. If you need any assistance, happy to give a free consultation as well.