How can I monitor multiple folders [for new files] on my Google Drive within 1 scenario?


I want to monitor multiple folders for new files.
Is there a way this can be done using Make?

Basically, I want Folder 2 Functions to be ran after running Folder 1 Functions [regardless of new files or not]

Im OK with a function that allows me to monitor 1 folder + subdirectory’s.
I am on the free plan btw.

Hi @Nigel,

This has come up previously, and unfortunately, we could only come up with some workarounds. Here’s the thread: Watch all files in multiple shared drives - #5 by Donald_Mitchell

You might try taking a look at these articles to see if there’s a way to set up your own notifications for this on the Google side, which would call a Make webhook.


Thanks for your reply.
I ended up using Google Apps script to check for new files in multiple folders, and keeping track of the new file id’s so it doesnt keep sending emails about the same files.
I’m willing to share Google Apps Script code here, but IDK if thats allowed since its not code.


Hello there @Nigel welcome to the community :wave:

It’s great to hear that you managed to figure this out! Thanks a lot for stepping back in to update us on your progress.

Also, thanks for your willingness to share what did the trick for you. If you’re using http/webhook modules to leverage the mentioned scripts, feel 100% free to share your solution with us :pray:

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Thanks for welcoming me.
The code I have is purely for use on Apps Script – Google Apps Script so I cant share it then, right?

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Hello again, Nigel :slight_smile:

If you think there’s a way to run these scripts using Make’s HTTP module, feel 100% free to share your insights. However, if it turns out to be a solution entirely unrelated to Make, it might not have significant relevance for our community, so let’s consider leaving it aside.

Thanks a lot :raised_hands:

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