How can I setup an alert when a new SharePoint document library is created?


I’m trying to setup an alert that notifies me via email whenever someone creates a document library in a specific SharePoint site that doesn’t align with our naming conventions.


Neither of the two modules I’ve tried seem to be able to do this. The Watch SharePoint Lists module doesn’t seem to work for document libraries (though document libraries are technically a type of SharePoint List). And while the Watch OneDrive files and folders module can watch for new items inside a document library, it doesn’t seem to be able to watch for new document libraries begin created.


Has anyone figured out a way to watch for the creation of new SharePoint document libraries?

Hey Samuel,

I’m not familiar with the SharePoint API, but one thing I can suggest that may work for you is instead of having a webhook (Watch module), you could instead use a polling module.

For example, if you could search/get document libraries (with some date-created filter? or something similar), and then ensure they meet your formatting requirements, this would accomplish your goal, but it wouldn’t be instant.