How can I split & clean a single data field into 2 separate results

Hey everyone!

I am new to, and so far I totally love it! In my case, I am getting trying to integrate a new E-commere order from Webflow to send it to Monday.

The main challenge that I am trying to solve is splitting one of the variants values I am getting and storing it as new separate fields.

I will try to explain in through the steps below.

Currently I have multiple variants stored as a single string (that’s how it returns it from Webflow):

In the example above, the value of “Variant Name” string contain multiple data fields I am trying to split but it stored as a single value:
“Test Boat Duration: Half day (09:00-13:00), Number of People: 2 People…”

My goal is to able to split Duration and Number of People, and be able to send to Monday just the results
Duration Result: Half day (09:00-13:00
Number of People Result: 2 People

Would appreciate if anyone can direct me! (Sorry for my lingo, I am new to all this)

Hi. You must use the split function. It will generate a result with the values separeted. So you can use what you need.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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