🧠 How David Zisner Took His Podcast to the Top of Spotify with Make

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Let’s see how @dzisner rocketed his podcast into the top 20% of the most shared podcasts on Spotify - thanks to Make!

David Zisner, CEO and founder of LeAndolini Solutions, is a true pioneer of automation and no-code in Israel. He certainly knows his stuff, and he likes to educate people through his automation-themed podcast, which streams on a bunch of platforms. And that’s what we chatted about.

At the beginning of our story, he was faced with the challenge to:

:calling: promote every episode across different channels
:link: ensure a unique URL for each platform, so it’s clear where the traffic was coming from
:handshake: make (no pun intended) sure the distribution process is as smooth as possible
:chart_with_upwards_trend: easily scale across platforms with a dynamic broadcast schedule.

All this in addition to keeping the experience fresh and inviting for his listening audience.

That’s quite a task to have, right? Luckily, David is an automation wizard and can simplify all kinds of processes with a snap of a finger :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed::mage:

Watch him talk about dreams coming true, his rich automation experience, and, of course, the solution he built to tackle these challenges.

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  • Introductions and hellos 00:00
  • David’s automation adventures 1:30
  • David introduces his podcast 7:35
  • The challenge 13:15
  • Scenario showcase 21:14
  • Benefits 34:28
  • Takeaways 44:36
  • Thank yous and byes 47:25

:brain: The Solution

David created a comprehensive system for podcast episode distribution by using Airtable to manage episodes, and Make to handle their distribution.

:nerd_face: The system David built with Make:

  • Grabs info about the latest episode of the podcast from Airtable
  • Generates a specific URL for each episode and each streaming platform to track traffic
  • Shortens the URL to make it easier to share on social media
  • Randomly selects copy from a library of pre-written posts to accompany the episode
  • Publishes the promo post in a WhatsApp message, on a personal Facebook profile, on a professional Facebook page, and on personal and company LinkedIn pages
  • Compiles a draft of an email newsletter to send to LeAndolini’s mailing list, which David prefers to distribute manually, as he has a large audience and wants to ensure the email contains all relevant information.

the automated process visualized

:rocket: The Benefits

:mega: Word got out, and the podcast now has a passionate audience
:robot: David saves about 1.5 hours of manual work per episode
:gem: The tedious parts are eliminated, so the focus can be on creating valuable content
:tada: The podcast has made it into the top 20% of most shared podcasts on Spotify.

David’s podcast skyrocketing to the top of Spotify charts