How do I download a file from Dropbox?

Hey everyone,

Very new to Make. I’m trying to build a scenario that copies files from a dropbox folder into a Google Drive Folder. Currently the Scenario looks like this:

Watch Files in Dropbox → Download File from Dropbox (Error) → Router [If FileName contains the words Time Sheet] → Upload File to Google Drive.

At the download step I get The operation failed with an error. [401] {"error_summary": "missing_scope/", "error": {".tag": "missing_scope", "required_scope": ""}}

Hi Harvey, I’m not sure how your Dropbox connection ended up like that…but to resolve this, you should be able to go to the “Download a File” module and create a new connection to Dropbox. that should ensure you request all the appropriate permissions from Dropbox. Hope that helps.

Thanks Darin! Seems like Dropbox modules only ask for the bare minimum at first, so there was to Edit permission. Thanks for the help!