How do I make repeated iterations of Notion templates for different titles that come from a web hook?

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I have a standard row template that should be created when data is received from a webhook.

Now scenario create 3 lines with standard Name but the Client and Series is variable and come from webhook:

The data I get from the webhook is this: Client name, Series name

There is always one client, but the number of series can be from 1 to 20
I need to make it so that when the webhook data comes to the Notion table, it displays the name of the client and the series (there can be several of them) For example: Client One, Series1, Seties2, Series3
Then a set of lines was created depending on the number of series (in the case of the example it is 3 sets)

If I create a separate block for each number of series, then there will be a huge lot of modules.

Can you tell me how to create a script so that it is as short as possible? Is there any way to make it so that there are 3 modules for creating new lines. and iterations are repeated depending on the number of series?

I found solution:

Split and iterator:

I rebuild webhook and add all series names in 1 string Value “SeriesName”


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