How do I prevent duplicate IDs from being created?


It’s happened to me a few times. As I’m working on a scenario, at some point I get an error like:

Duplicate instance id ‘6’ found.

I’m not sure how that happens. I haven’t noticed what I do that causes this.

So My question is twofold: what causes duplicate ids and how can I fix it without deleting and recreating modules in my scenario? I.e. can I renumber one of the duplicated IDs?



I’ve never seen this error message before, it might be from copying/cloning modules in your scenario.

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I’ve gotten this error a few times before. Almost every time I’ve gotten it it has been from copying and pasting this copied modules into the same scenario. Usually it happen when I’m copying modules connected to a router then still use the same router.

I usually just delete the router then re add it. Or if it is not because of this I will copy over the entire scenario and paste it into a blank canvas. Since this error does not allow you to save the scenario.

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Hmm, that must be it then. A couple of times I accidentally added a router and deleted it, so I’m guessing that must have created the duplicate ids. It would be nice if Make identified duplicate ids at the time of creation and gracefully skip over to the next available ID.




It should, but it didn’t, so it’s a bug…


Ah… Ok, I’ll log it because it’s happened to me more than once.



I have had it happen a few times because the AI inserted something in the scenario (against my wishes though).