How do I properly use HTTP Post

Hello, I am looking to make an integration with a site that does not support any API integrations - the direct url is:

The goal is to have a typeform submission act as a trigger, and the relevant data for that form be sent to EV, entered, submit, and the results on the following screen be captured.

My two questions currently are:

  1. How can I simulate/trigger/ whatever the right word is to “press” the calculate button on that screen? I feel like I have a good understanding of how to find the boxes and enter values, but i’m unsure how to actually run the calculation button.

  2. The results that follow on the screen, I have tried using to convert the html into a pdf, which does work, but it leaves out all CSS so it’s ugly as all heck. Is there any better ideas to capture the results on the following page? printscreen/screenshot/anything?

  1. Integrating with a platform without any API connections is not totally impossible. Can you send the data via an email or on an email as an attachment? I would be happy to help with this if your budget allows.

  2. I have successfully converted HTML to PDF in many use cases, while keeping the CSS intact. I always use CloudConvert for this. They have 25 free conversions per day and their pricing is very economical.

Happy to help if you want to setup a call to co-build this.

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