How do I reset Usage date?


I am trying to use this API to reset the nextReset

The moment to which you want to schedule the reset of the organization’s consumption.

Currently, the Usage reset is set to 1 Jun 2024, 23:26:51. I want to change it to 31.05.2024, 23:59:59, which is basically the last day of the month.

When I run the API I receive the following error. Is there any other way to do it or can anyone suggest what the issue is?

[400] Bad Request: Validation failed for 1 parameter(s). ◉ Error: Unexpected parameter ‘nextReset’ found.

URL: Make API Documentation


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Hi @FabSe10,

Welcome! In the API documentation there are two examples, both have a different payload:

What does your request look like? And did you double-check the approved scopes for the API key you are using?

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Hi @Henk-Operative and @samliew,

Thanks for your reply.

I am trying to set the organization’s consumption to 31.05.2024 23:59:59 without immediately reset it and then set any other reset on the last minute of each month.

Screenshot (I’ve changed my orgid but there is the orgid number):

Error: [400] Bad Request: Validation failed for 1 parameter(s). ◉ Error: Unexpected parameter ‘nextReset’ found.

Is it maybe I need to pass this as well? “performReset”:true


Yes, it looks like you need to send that too, according the the API documentation.


Thanks @samliew ,

do you know if the operations will reset and if a payment will be taken as we are on the monthly roll-out?


Have you tried to pass nextReset as query parameter? Or maybe add the performReset boolean to mimic the example request, indeed?

"performReset": true,
"nextReset": "2024-05-31T23:59:59.000Z"

This will reset it immediately, I expect. But I haven’t used this endpoint to be comfortable in telling what will happen.


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Thank both,

unfortunately it reports the same error:

The operation failed with an error. [400] Bad Request: Validation failed for 2 parameter(s). ◉ Error: Unexpected parameter ‘performReset’ found. ◉ Error: Unexpected parameter ‘nextReset’ found



Aside from the three of us misinterpreting the API documentation, this is unexpected behaviour.

I’d advise you to contact support at (and please let us know the outcome)



Is it possible that you cannot set the nextReset to a time earlier than your current nextReset value? You could try a nextReset value to a date after your current nextReset value rather than before to see if that works.

The error seems like the PATCH request doesn’t accept these parameters but it may be a red herring and something else is going on behind the scenes. Anyways I think this is worth a Make support ticket to find out how this is supposed to work (if at all).


Hi @alex.newpath,

Thank you, I’ve tried this but no joy. I’ve raised a ticket request.

Will keep you posted.

Thank you,


Hello all,

Thank you for your help. The problem is that this end point is only available to Make White Label product.

Also, I’ve asked how to reset usage and below is the reply:

"The only way to change your reset date for the same subscription is to cancel your subscription first, and then you have to wait until that specific time to resubscribe which may not be too efficient because you would be without a subscription between your current ‘Next reset’ date and the desired date.

The only other alternative is to upgrade your subscription on the desired date/time."



Since that is an official response from the Make support team, providing the only known workaround, we can consider this closed.