How do I schedule a date to send gmail getting the data from google sheets?

Hi everyone, I am a newbie, just start using Make for my small business.

I want to schedule a date of the month to send emails with the data getting from google sheet.

I tried to start my scenario with google calendar, but I cant map google calendar to google sheet, I think that the starting point is not google calendar.

I tried the starting point is google sheet, however, the triggers point is watch a new rows, watch changes, which is not what I want because there is no time element.

Can anyone share some insight?


Welcome to the Make community!

Could you tell us more about what your Google Sheet contains, and what is the purpose of sending the email?

Could you tell us more about why you need to use Google Calendar, when you could probably put the email send date in a column in Google Sheets?

Could you share a screenshot of what you currently have - the Google Sheet, and the incomplete scenario that you have tried?