Schedule Google Mail emails based on google sheet date


I am looking for the the following Make Scenario, hopefully someone can help building.

  1. I have in an google sheet information about email adresses and a date (e.g 24.12.2023)
  2. I want to schedule emails with a custom sending date (e.g. 24.12.2023 + 5 days)

I only find the solution to immediatley send the email, but not “scheduling” it.

Thanks a lot for your help.


You can use this inbult function from make to send emails which are scheduled after 5 days.

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Thanks Manish for your response.

Can I fill the date section with an variable coming from google sheets? Does this also work with google Mail?

In general:
where do I find this inbuild function? Where und how do I add this function?

Till now I use this frontend.

Thanks in advance

Hi Manish,

I would really appreciate your response.

Thanks a lot

Hey Conard,

depending on your exact use case, you can try setting the scenario to run once a day and put a Google Sheets Search Rows module to be the first one → then put the filter inside to have the date-to-send equal today. This should only output the rows with emails that need to be sent today.

Or alternatively you can look into adding a scrip to the google sheet to send a webhook with the email address when a date-to-send arrives, then set the scenario to run on demand when that webhook arrives.

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Thanks a lot Stoyan for your help.

Your suggested solutiuon does not fit perfectly.

Isnt there any possibility to create a “scheduled email” or retrigger a process with a given date?

Or what about triggern an other service which can create scheduled emails, e.g. mailchimp or zappier?

Any ideas welcome.