How do i search a google sheet with specific text and delete all rows have that specific texts?

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hey guys, i was trying to dig into google sheet automation with make.
however, i find it really hard to understand for me.
here is what i am experimenting, i want to seach for rows that contain text “qq”. and for all the rows that contains ‘qq’, i want to delete all these rows.

The following is my scenario. i suppose the “row number” field in “delete a row” module refers to the row i want to delete. so i choses the “14.row number”, which is the output of the “search row” module. however, when i click run. it prompts me to input a “row number”. seems the variable “14.row number” is not working. only if i give it a specific number, then it will run. but if i could know the row number i want to delete, then there is no need to search for it.
i am not sure if i did it wrong or is it not possible to be done in make?
any help would be appreciate~

To achieve your desired outcome, here are the correct steps to follow:
Use the “Search Rows” module in Integromat to find rows in Google Sheets that contain the text “qq” (your search criterion).
In the “Delete a Row” module, instead of directly inputting the “row number” field, map the “Row ID” field from the “Search Rows” module’s output to the “Row ID” field in the “Delete a Row” module.By mapping the “Row ID” field, you will be dynamically passing the correct row ID to be deleted, based on the search results for rows containing “qq”.
To find an Integromat Expert who can assist with setting up and optimizing your scenario, you can visit the following URL: MAKE.COM Expert. These experts have specialized knowledge and can offer guidance to fine-tune your automation, cater to specific requirements, and maximize efficiency.

Thanks for replying. just like i mentioned, i already choose the “row number” field.

thats why i am confused it won’t mapped correctly. the following picture is what i’ve choosed to be mapped. it should work correctly, but when i click run. the second prompts and it want me to input a row number…

I am still stuggling with this
Any help plz?

Did you find a solution to your issue?

I ran into a similar issue and the help article below fixed my issue, I think it can help you.

At the bottom of the article see a section called “Tips & Tricks”

Just mimic it at first, then apply it to your scenario.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for the dvice, i’ll take a look at it!!!

It seems you are running the “Delete a row” module only by right-clicking on the module.
Please Run the entire scenario by clicking “Run Once” in the bottom left of the scenario editor window.

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