Problem with the delete Row module of google sheet

Hello, I have a problem with the delete row module in google sheet. On the data that Make remopnte I have no problem but when I look at the google sheet in question there are rows left when there should not be.
To put it simply, I have a column with a date and if that date matches today’s date then it deletes the row in question.
I run the scenario and there are no apparent anomalies in the Make return, but when I look at the google sheet, some lines that should no longer be there are still there.
Can anyone test this for themselves? Someone has already had the problem on their side.
I can’t see where it’s coming from at all…
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Gauthier_Jozan

The answer is simple. When you delete a row, the data in existing rows will move one level up. Therefore, the computation should be handled to take care of that.

That is, row number of search rows module is not the same when you delete a row. It will shift up.

Alternatively, you can use Make an API Call module to bulk delete rows of a range. You can also check out this app:

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Hello Mohamed,

Thanks for your reply now that I’ve read it, completely logical.

Unfortunately it’s not going to be possible to do it in blocks, the dates may be scattered throughout the file.

Indeed you can achieve with repeated search and deletion. Otherwise, trigger an Appscript from Make.

If you need any implementation support, contact me.

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That’s what I did, so one search one delete, but I have to admit that the App Script is interesting for saving credits.

Thanks for your feedback,