How do you update your mapping options?

How do I refresh the past module output items when I am trying to map in a module setup?

I have tried running a past module. The only thing I’ve found that works is to create a new module and the new module will let me map to the latest output items.

Is there a more efficient way?

When the trigger has a lightning bolt on it, that’s an instant trigger. Set it to a time interval trigger, then right click the module “Choose where to start,” select a record/date, then right click and “Run this module only”

Thanks, but I have run it and the problem is throughout a scenario. In the example I screenshotted, the instant trigger grabs a record ID. The second step then gets the record information from Airtable. The third step uses the output data from step two.

If I realize I need some additional fields in Airtable, create those fields, re-run the “get record” step, and the icon shows that the output bundle has all of the new fields… but I cannot map those fields in subsequent steps unless I add the module anew and build it from scratch.

Yes. I understand. You simply need to get the data to use when setting up the scenario.

Do it as I mentioned so you can set it up, then change it back to an automatic trigger once it’s all setup.

You can also set it up this way for testing, then run the whole scenario to populate all steps, then when you’ve got it all working, change it back to automatic trigger.