Re-Run the triger with the last information

Hello Everyone ,

I’m looking for a debugging strategie. I used a webhook for Woocomerce and i want to make several tests. But i can’t run the webhook on last command et i need to remake a new command every time. It’s a big lost of time.
How i can re-run in the last order ?

(Sorry if my English is aproximative)


The best way to do this is to have a GET module right after your webhook and map your scenario using the data from that module, not the webhook.

During the testing phase, you can disconnect your webhook and make your GET module the trigger, then you put a static order ID. Then you can easily rerun your scenario over and over until you get it right. Once you are ready to go live you switch back to your webhook.

It adds one operation but it is well worth it.


Hi @Arthur_Chevance,
@loic.wiseflow solution is definitely a great solution within Make!

If you are looking for a “professional” solution, you might look at which is recommend by @alex.newpath. I haven’t tried it but what they are claiming sounds good to me! :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried that, but I’ll definitely be trying it. Would using the GET as a temporary trigger also solve my problem of the data options not updating when I try to map in subsequent modules?

See my post about it here:

Normally running the previous modules should give you the fields for mapping as long as they are returned in the output. If you don’t see the fields try to disconnect (right-click on the link between modules) and reconnect. This usually does the trick but if the problem persists you should contact Make support regarding that bug.

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Thanks, I will try the unlink/link approach.