Running the same run again

I’m building an automation in Make to connect orders from website to Google Sheets and I’m not getting the result I wanted.

Then I overhaul some things in Scenario and run it again.

The question is whether, in order to do tests and re-run every time after the renovation, Do I really need to make a new order on the website? or is there a way to repeatedly run (from Make) the same call that was already running when I made an order for the first time?

Hi @IdoPuter,

I know, this can be frustrating. There are two other ways to handle this.

Option 1: Basic Trigger

You can create a “Basic Trigger” that just simulates receiving a certain bundle, and then map this through your scenario. You can drag your actual webhook out of the process while you’re developing, like in the screenshot below.

The problem with this is (1) it takes time to build up the structure of the payload you’re going to receive to accurately simulate the webhook being triggered and (2) once you’ve got it working, you’ll need to map all of your subsequent modules back to your webhook.

Option 2: Test Data Scenario

Just create another scenario with only one HTTP module, that sends the payload to the scenario you’re testing. You can then click “Run once” in your Test Data scenario whenever you want to test how your actual scenario will handle the webhook payload.


Thanks @Terry_Hopper!

So how I can put the webhook payload in the HTTP module?

Hi @IdoPuter .

So how I can put the webhook payload in the HTTP module?

In the HTTP module, set the Body type to Raw and the Content type to JSON, and paste in your JSON. Like in this screenshot.


If you don’t have an example payload you can drop in, the easiest way I know to get one is:

1. Set your webhook to “JSON pass-through”

Click Edit on the Webhook. Click “Show advanced settings”. Set “JSON pass-through” to Yes.


2. Run the module

Run the module one more time, after you’ve set the webhook to pass-though. So you will need to make one last example order on the website

3. Copy the JSON

The JSON will be delivered in one long string. Just highlight it and copy it.


Hey @Terry_Hopper

Appreciate your fast and professional response!

Thanks body🙏

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