Airtable scenario question, need help please!

Hi everyone,
First question for me here
I have a scenario built like this :
custom webhook + airtable search record + airtable update record
The scenario is working but instead of having 3 ops per cycle
I have so many ops like : custom webhook + airtable search record + airtable update record xhundreds of time (as you can see in the screenshot)
I don’t know why and I would really like some help to fix my mistake
Thanks a lot,

show the screenshots of the input and output of the webhook /search and the input of the update


There must be some issue with your webhook; either it is getting trigger events for all the changes or updates you are making in another system OR it has multiple outputs.

Create a short screen recording and share it across here. Makers will be able to help you.


i already asked for the info above.


thanks a lot already,
should i select one field at the “output fields” section ?
none are selected right now
do you need to see something else ?
sorry beginner here…

![Capture d’écran 2023-03-08 à 21.23.26|547x500]


this is good but could send the webhook output go to the history and screenshot the output by clicking number 1 next to the webhook module. My guess is you have a multiple bundles in there.
Whats the purpose of the search., looks like you are getting info from a view.


here the screenshot and the support reply
just want to be sure on how to fix this :
I need to select one output fields on the list + add limit ?
i cannot try right now because im out of ops with those mistake ^^’

Hi @Julie_De_Waele

This needs a simple fix. Open the Search Records module and change limit to 1.

Mohamed Jahar
Msquare Automation:gear:


Thank you Mohamed!
Should I select something in the “output fields” section of the search record module ?
Thanks again,

if you want to filter what fields to show in the output then you could choose which fields you want. You could also leave it as is and it shows all by default.

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