How to add an image on WordPress ?


I’m trying to create a scenario where I upload an image taken from a screenshot into my WordPress media.

The scenario works until the image is uploaded to the WordPress media, I have error. I don’t know if this is due to a bad configuration I made on Make or on WordPress.

With the same scenario, when I try to add the image to my Dropbox it works perfectly, the image is well added to Dropbox.

Second clarification, I can also add articles on Wordpress very well, it’s a problem with adding images only.

What is the problem?

Hi Kake, love your scenario! I think I can help with your Wordpress integration, would you mind sharing your json or sharing the configuration for the other modules so that I can replicate the scenario?

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Hello I couldn’t upload the images via the module but I found a solution via the Woocommerce module.

Unfortunately, I can’t share the configuration of the script, I changed everything from the screenshots.