Problem on create WordPress media

Hi, i have this problem when i want to add image to my WP blog
image stored at airtable i get it with get record and after that iam using create WP media and put it on it.
The problem start after run this scenario the file stored in WP is very small 277 byt and probably not working

Hi @osama
Further to our call the solution is taking the public file download URL and mapping it to the get a file module, then map the get a file module response as the data for the wordpress media module


Hi @osama @Dorian_Ben_Haim

Awesome to see that you managed to figure this one out together! :muscle:

Thanks a lot for circling back here and sharing what did the trick with the rest of the community. This is super valuable and could be incredibly helpful to many others who may be searching for similar information. :pray:

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