Wordpress Create a Media Item (Blank Image?)


I am trying to Create a Media Item on Wordpress, and even thought the Cloudify gets uploaded correctly an returns a full image URL, when I create the media item, IT does in fact get to the Wordpress media library but its completely blank. I’ve searched the other topics but they have different issues, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I found this solution on another thread
“Further to our call the solution is taking the public file download URL and mapping it to the get a file module, then map the get a file module response as the data for the wordpress media module”

But I cant seem to find a FILE MODULE, any ideas which one I could use? lol thanks!

You need to use the HTTP “Get a file” module to download the image data first, before you can upload to Wordpress using the “Data” field.



Awesome! Since this is related to this same flow, now when I Create a Media item based of this Get a file, it uploads the same image always, I am thinking it has something to do with the HTTP GET A FILE, so I am trying to Map it, but I am not sure if I am doing it properly as when it uploads it comes out Blank again (the image)

I think I know what it is, the name on both files is: “file.jpeg” but if I use HTTP - Get a file, it doesn’t allow me to pick a new name, is there a module to rename the Get a File?

You are already setting a new file name in the WordPress module. Just ensure that it’s unique?


And I answered my own question! I was testing with the same output so the name was the same haha, thanks sam!


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Make sure the folder where WordPress stores uploads has the right permissions. Usually, folders should have a permission of 755 and files should have 644. This just means who can view, edit, or execute the files. It’s a common step to check when things aren’t uploading right.