How to add pages to a Google Doc document

I have an automation that creates a Google Doc from a template, using the dedicated Google Doc module in Make. The Google Doc template has 1 page containing variables (using “{{example}}” notation).

I would like to replace each variable with data from one of my Google Sheets (generated in the same scenario). The Google Sheet has many rows. Each row has different data. I would like to add 1 page to my Google Doc for each row in my Google Sheets. I would like the new page in Google Docs to have the same variables as the first page (so I can replace them with the google sheet row data).

I don’t see any Google Doc module that allows adding a page to a doc. How might I achieve this? I would really appreciate any help on this!


Hi @Simo ,

I don’t think this is possible out of the box with the available modules.
However, when I look into the Google Docs documentation, I think you can work towards your expected result by using the Make an API call and invoke the Batch Update endpoint.

If you get the content of your initial document and build a request with the available Batch Update Request Actions, you should be able to insert text and insert a page break




Thank you very much, @Callinetic. That’s very useful and I will dive into that and see how it goes.