How to add sublines in Notion automatically?


I have a problem when I add a main group and sub-objects, instead of adding them to 1 main group, several of these main groups are created and the sub-objects are linked to them.
Like this:

I don’t need that. I need the IDs of the subgroups to be attached to one main group like this:

Now my script looks like this (the data from the webhook, which contains the name of the group and subgroups) goes into an iterator, where I split these subgroups with the split function and create the required number of them, then the module creates the main group and binds their IDs:

The problem is that if there are, for example, 2 or more groups, the script makes copies of the main group and links the subgroups separately to these copies.

Question: how to link all these subgroups to 1 main group? That is, so that the ID of the subgroups is written only to 1 main group and does not make duplicates?

Is your Array Aggregator’s Source Module field set correctly – where the bundles are coming from?

It looks like you need to set it to the Iterator [36].

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You need to select iterator as your source for array aggregator…

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Yes guys, you are right! I change a source on Iterator + add map function inside a module, and… all is works!



No problem, glad I could help!

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