How to aggregate multiple entry to one to be send?

How can I retrieve several articles from an RSS feed, but only send a single operation? At the moment, I do retrieve my various articles from my RSS feed, but even if I use an aggregator or similar, I send as many e-mails as there are retrieved articles, whereas I’d like to send all the articles in a single e-mail.

Hi @soc-anaya you are on the right path. Using an array aggregator is correct to get all of the contents of your RSS feed into one bundle. When sending your email you can use a map function to get all of the data that you want to extract from the rss feed into your email. For example in my screenshot I am sending all of the titles over. Let me know if this helps you!

You can also just add a text aggregator after the RSS feed water.

I finally succeeded by mixing two methods: The first, to retrieve the list of software to monitor from my data store, uses a text aggregator module and retrieves software and hardware in list form. The second, to retrieve the content of the feeds stored in the second data store in order to process them and send the complete result by e-mail at once, uses an array aggregator module as demonstrated in the previous answer.