💡 How to automate your entire E-commerce process from request to delivery [MIH]

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Tired of tedious copy-pasting and juggling various tools for every step in your E-commerce process? Explore today’s story to see how automation can make things a bit easier for you!

Let’s draw inspiration from LANE Digital Consulting who created a system to streamline their client’s E-commerce process. In a nutshell, they automated the entire journey from product request to delivery and became their client’s ultimate hero.

:brain: To get this smart system up and running, they built a Make scenario featuring these apps:

:rocket: The powerful solution not only automated over 1000 emails but also boosted customer satisfaction by an incredible 75%!

:magic_wand: Curious to learn more? Continue reading to discover the magic behind this inspiring use case!

What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

E-Commerce and R&D automation process:

  • Inquiry intake
  • Work management
  • Customer ongoing communication
  • Shipping & delivery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Dashboards

Why did the problem exist?

No integrated, nor automated workflows.

We had to set up Typeform for customers’ inquiries, ClickUp as Project Management Software, and Dashboards to follow key metrics.

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

The solution contains 12 Make automation scenarios

  1. Typeform request turned into ClickUp tasks with proper notifications (email and ClickUp).
  2. ClickUp task triggers a contract creation sent and to be signed through Dropbox Sign.
  3. Contract signature notification through Email and Mobile.
  4. Inheritance of a tracking card number to follow later on the shipment.
  5. Feedback form addressed to the customer for quality control.
  6. Automated progress of the product once all ClickUp subtasks are completed.
  7. Shipping process.
  8. Delivery and reception communication & checking.
  9. Project closing.
  10. Product archiving in the Drive.
  11. Follow up a month later.

piece of the puzzle: one of the twelve scenarios powering the solution

What did your solution achieve?

  • 200+ automated product lifecycle
  • 1000+ automated emails
  • Increased customer satisfaction by +75%
  • Process efficiency +40%
  • Process duration -50%
  • Employees happiness + 66%
  • Quality control process
  • Data backup
  • Standardized Drive (nomenclature) and systematic files’ upload
  • Dashboards and metrics for the whole process, per production location, per assignee

the team behind the automation: @Lane_Digital_Consult

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