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This time around, we have Dáváme - an automation agency and a certified Make partner - telling us the story of setting up a fully automated sales process and invoice creation flow for their client.

Sales plays a key role in building loyalty and trust between a business and a customer. Within the Sales process, there are countless tasks you can automate and therefore gain the time to focus on meaningful communication with your clients.

:thinking: So what are the to-be-automated tasks we’re looking at in this case?
Salespeople manually creating 10 new invoices a day and performing repetitive tasks related to ca 40 new deals a week.

We chatted with Dáváme about their brilliant solution and this is what we learned.

What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

We were trying to connect several activities together:

  • generating an offer and sending it to clients
  • electronically signing the offer
  • creating an invoice
  • monitoring payments

Dáváme visualizing the soon-to-be automated processes

Why did the problem exist?

When performed manually, these individual tasks consumed a significant amount of hours. Moreover, the processes were very prone to mistakes. Additionally, it could sometimes happen that the possible customer did not get an offer in time which led to losing these deals.

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

Our solution is split into three main scenarios:

:page_facing_up: Offer generation

When a deal is moved to a certain stage in the CRM, Make

  • checks if there’s all the necessary information (i.e. products, prices, email addresses, identification numbers, names of customers, dates)
  • creates an offer from a document template
  • sends the offer to the customer
  • uploads the file into the CRM for salespeople to have access to it

:pen: Electronic signature

We use a service that lets you electronically sign documents. When the customer signs or refuses an offer, a salesperson is immediately informed about the status If accepted, the deal in CRM is moved to the next stage. If not, a new activity in the CRM is created to remind the salesman to contact the client and to try to save the deal.

:money_with_wings: Payment monitoring

Thanks to the last scenario, the account departments and management have an updated overview of the status of invoices and payments. We created a connection to the company bank account which monitors all incoming payments. When a payment comes, it is matched to the correct invoice in the invoicing system, and its status is updated. This change is also immediately recorded in the client database. A similar process is triggered when the invoice status is changed to ‘overdue’.

What did your solution achieve?

We reduced a significant amount of working hours spent on creating offers, sending notifications, and updating databases. All necessary departments in the company are fully informed about the status of deals and invoices and the processes are now far less error-prone.

Dáváme building the solutions in Make

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