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We’re nearing the end of July but we’re nowhere near the end of our biweekly series of certified Make partners sharing their automation stories! This Thursday, we’re chatting with Matthias Kunz, the CEO of Wemakefuture.

:roll_eyes: Most of us can probably agree that invoicing’s a total pain. So, it’s a bit cruel that this task that represents 100% of your revenue is also the one that eats up the majority of your time.

:brain: Matthias Kunz and his team at Wemakefuture thought their clients deserved better, so they developed a way to completely automate the invoicing process from start to finish. How? By using Make to combine

time-tracking software + project management tools + ticketing systems.

Kunz and his team know that creating invoices is only half the battle for business owners, that’s why their solution also automatically

  • adds data to the appropriate tools for tracking and financial forecasting
  • sends payment reminders and follow-ups

:arrow_down: Read on and learn more about this inventive solution.

What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

Creating invoices for agencies based on monthly or one-off customer activity. We are talking hundreds of invoices a month produced in a business-critical process and accounting for 100% of the respective company revenue.

Why did the problem exist?

Agencies are spending a lot of time capturing data such as activity generated, tickets solved, etc., which is then translated into a periodic run of invoices that need to go out to clients as soon as possible after month-end. It’s slow and tedious work that often ties up valuable resources on a monthly basis. Add to that the extra effort required to track unpaid invoices and to enter data into Excel-Sheets for financial forecasting.

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

:card_index_dividers: Data is continuously captured in a CRM platform from time-tracking software, project management tools, and ticketing software. All this is tracked either directly inside the CRM or in a database tool.

:memo: Based on either specific events or simply the change of month, invoices are created overnight directly in the client’s accounting system, with invoice data immediately written into controlling and forecasting tools.

:alarm_clock: Using Make, we can even bridge the gap where accounting tools fall short in tracking payments and unpaid invoices and build routines to send out payment reminders up to the handover to debt collection services. Invoicing becomes a no-brainer.

What did your solution achieve?

  • reduced ongoing manual work
  • increased speed of payments and processing
  • better financial management and planning
  • increased reliability in payment tracing

the Wemakefuture team celebrating the wonder that is automation

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Not to forget our Team in Cluj. These amazing developers are a part of the success!

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