Idea 1 - Automate invoice creation

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Francisco Fernando de Brito Fontes on LinkedIn: Automatizar la creación de facturas con Make

Get ready to take your business to the next level! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Imagine for a moment: being able to automate your daily, repetitive tasks that consume your time and energy.

It’s possible! Meet María, a course info producer on LinkedIn, who has discovered the key to boosting her business by automating her internal processes with Make. And you can do it, too. :muscle:

Can you imagine responding almost immediately to each action of your students, providing them with excellent service?

It’s time to make it happen!
Automate invoice creation in Holded at checkout with Stripe, automatically subscribe your new students to your exclusive private newsletter list in ActiveCampaign and simplify the registration and payment tracking process in Airtable. :memo:

No more wasting time on repetitive and tedious tasks.
It’s time to take action, analyze your internal processes and radically change them.

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How did you manage to take a screenshot of your scenario with a transparent background?

It looks weird on my end when I click on it – I can’t view the labels due to the transparent background.

Hi, I created a Chrome extension that gets a transparent PNG image of the scenario.
Do you want me to share it with you?

Yes please, or why not share it with everyone here? :slight_smile:


Sure, here it is.
Unzip the file and from the extensions window import the folder. (34.8 KB)