How to automatically "Add Item" for every attachment in an Airtable field? (Multiple Attachments in Airtable –> Multi-Image field in Webflow)

Hi, a recent Zapier convert here :wave:

I have an Airtable database, and one of the columns is an attachment field which contains a bunch of photos.

Using Make, I want to be able to send the contents of this field (those photos) over to a multi-image field in a Webflow CMS.

The problem I am experiencing is that only the first image uploads into the CMS, but not the rest. Not sure why.

Here is my output from Airtable:

Here is my input from Webflow:

Why is there only one photo item within the photo gallery output in Webflow? How do I add all of the photos to be uploaded and not just the first?

I have my Webflow step set up like this:

How do I get Make to automatically add an item for every photo in my Airtable field?


Use an iterator on the upload array and it will call your web flow module once for every picture. You’ll Need to use the iterator value in the webflow module.


Hi Alex, thanks for helping me. Using an iterator did the trick. With webflow, I ran into an issue where, at first, I was creating a separate CMS item for every photo. Then I ran into an issue where I was creating a CMS item for every photo, yet each blog post contained all the photos that they needed. Rearranging my modules did the trick.

Here is what I ended up with:

The trick is to create the CMS item first, before the iterator step, then populate the post with an array of photos.

If you see a better way to optimize this, I would appreciate it! Either way, thanks again for your help and happy holidays!

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Heya @olivedrab welcome to Make and welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanted to step in to say great job making this work! Also, thank you so much for sharing your final solution with the community. We truly appreciate that since it can be incredibly helpful for folks in the future :pray:

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That looks good. 3 operations plus one for each picture is probably the best way you’re going to do this. Season’s Greetings to you as well!

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