How to Change Text in Array?

Hi all,

I have an array:

This Array is used to fill a multi-select-field in the next module.

In this Array I have to replace a “,” with “-” (without the " )

I tried
{{replace(split(; “;”); “,”; “-”)}}

But get this error:
Failed to map ‘value’: Function ‘replace’ finished with error! ‘{array}’ is not string or number.

How can I change the text?

Thank you much

Could you show us how this array is mapped in the next module by taking a screenshot?

It doesn’t seem to reference variable ZukunftUnternehmen in your first screenshot.


Hi :raising_hand_man:t2: @samliew

This is the original Data:

Here I Split the data

And this is the version where i tried to replace:

This ist the module with the multi select:

Does that help?

Hi, I found a solution. This one works. Next step is to build all this in 2 Modules only.

I build the following flow:

And here is each module 1-by-1


Hey :wave:

Just wanted to pat you on the back for the great job you did while solving your problem!

Keep up the awesome job! :muscle:

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