How to combine multiple ChatGPT outputs to upload to WordPress Site

My Goal: Combine the outputs from multiple ChatGPT Modules to upload to my WordPress Site.

My Problem: I can get the outputs in individual modules but I do not know how to properly combine them. I think I may need to use an Array or Parser but I’m not sure if that’s true. If it is true, although I have looked through other community Q&A’s and have went through some of the training modules, I still can’t find a step-by-step solution to my exact challenge.

I have attached a screenshot of my scenario automation and WordPress Module that shows that I can’t. I hope it is helpful.


It would be “cleaner” to merge everything yes, but I don’t think you need to.

If you click in the Content field, you’ll get your menu with mappable fields. You should see all the preceding GPT modules and their data there.

So you could just combine them all within that content field. Like this (:


Thank you for your response! :smile:

When I attempt (because I could be doing it wrong) this solution, I can create a new post on my WordPress site with a title but there is no content that comes through. I have attached a screenshot of my attempt to follow this solution.

For anyone else looking for a solution, what I did to make this work was to run each module one at a time and, when prompted by Make, I copy and pasted the title and generated content into the WordPress module. It was a slow set up process but now it works automatically when I add a new topic to my Google Sheets. Hope this helps as I could not find this answer anywhere and stumbled upon it myself. :slight_smile:


Hey @christopherk :wave:

Thank you so much for keeping us updated throughout this process!

Keep up the good work :sunny:

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