How to continue scenario with processing next bundles if previous bundle errors

For the integration between Netsuite & Salesforce, we have built several scenarios. Each one of them is triggered by Scheduled trigger , which checks every x minutes if there are records updated in NS. If that’s the case, all identified records are returned as separate bundles and for each bundle the scenario will do some processing logic and at the end update the corresponding record in Salesforce. This all happens in 1 scenario run.

Now, my question is the following:
In case an error occurs for one of the returned bundles, I want to apply some error-handling for that particular bundle but still continue with processing the next bundles. How can I achieve this ?
I tried with several error-handling directives, by they all seem to terminate the entire scenario run, once a bundle goes into error.

Example Scenario:

Hi. Use “Ignore” error handler. So you can add a new behavior with the error and let the next bundle run without stop the scenario.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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Hey @amurgesu_up Atheesan,

The best thing is to use Routes if you don’t need data of each module into the other. Even though if you still would need data from other modules, you can use variables.

If that is not an option the error handlers will come in place. You can create very extensive error systems using all kind of modules together. For example:

You can always send me an email or gChat if you need some help on these things. You know where to find me :wink:


@Bjorn.drivn @Wemakefuture Using the “ignore” directive did the trick. But I’ll also keep the other proposed solutions in mind for the future. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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