How to convert google sheet to excel

I try to convert google sheet to excel. I found google drive api endpoint Files: export | Google Drive | Google Developers and I’m using Make an API Call module from Google Drive app. It works fine. However it returns a string which I’am unable to save to file - lets say I would like to upload it back to google drive or dropbox or somhere else where you need Data field which is a buffer. How to do that:

This is the output from google drive api export endpoint:

as you can see the body is a long string. How to convert this long string so it fits the Data field in another module:

As you see above I tried to convert string to binary with no luck either. Any ideas?

Here is the answer, you can use the Google Drive Download a File module and select MS Excel format.

Then map another subsequent module to upload that file to Dropbox or other cloud services.

Here is how: