How to count items with specific values in a data store?

Hi there,

I try to count items with specific values in a data store.

My data store looks like this:

I would like to count how many times an item of “Klasse_ID” is stored in the data store. In relation to the screenshot it should return a value of “2” for the item “505” of “Klasse_ID”.

I tried a lot of variations of data store triggers (search, count) and aggregators. Nothing returned the value I’m searching for.

Can anyone help?


Unfortunately, There is no option to count the specific values from datastore.

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Thank you for your quick reply and your help! I’m really surprised I can’t do that in Make.

Hello there @tobimahony :wave:

You should be able to achieve this by listing all the records in your data store, turning them into an array, and using a combo of functions (general, math, array) to modify the output the way it returns (counts) only the requested values.

These resources could help when learning more about functions:

Hey Michaela, thanks for your comprehensive reply! I’ll work my way through it and give it a try. :+1:

Hi @tobimahony

I’m sorry for any confusion. What I meant is that the data store doesn’t have any option directly, but you can achieve it by utilizing the array aggregator within the Make.

Hi @tobimahony

You can aggregate all records into the array.

Iterate and deduplicate the array of IDs (Klasse_ID). This way, only unique IDs will be output.

Set multiple variables - ID (Klasse_ID) from the iterator and the number of occurrences (count) in the original array from the first aggregator (=in the data store) using the set of functions with the use of the iterated IDs and date (Angesehen am) below.

Finally, you can aggregate them to get a new array of IDs and their count you can use anywhere further in the scenario flow.

I hope it makes sense :wink:

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Thank you very much for your extensive reply! As soon as I can get back to it I will give it a try. :+1:

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This is an excellent explanation! Thank you very much again @Jobless_Tobacconist. Sorry for the wait for my answer, I couldn’t get back to work the last days.

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