How to Create a Lead Distribution & Routing System Using Make and Airtable

What is the best way to create a lead routing system? Let’s say I have a database of lead buyers (clients) on Airtable. I have another sheet where I house all of the leads. I want to be able to distribute all of them equally. Each lead buyer has a total lead volume. This volume reduces by 1 lead every time a lead is sent to the buyer.

I am wondering if there is anyone out there that have implemented such a use case using and Airtable.

Hi there @Chaz_Nahas

For the distribution/routing logic, I believe you can use the “round robin” distribution system. (described here:

I am attaching a blueprint of an example of the round-robin implementation in a simple Make dummy scenario.

blueprint (8).json (19.0 KB)

In order to be able to help with this, I would need to have more details. So could you pls be more specific? Could you share some screenshots or the scenario’s blueprint that I can check?