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:face_with_monocle: Facebook Lead Ads are great for advertisers and marketers, but sometimes, it can seem like the more you know, the more there is to learn. Sound familiar? We feel ya.

:make: Make partner Stepan Doktor of 5.0 Solutions tackled this challenge for his client’s marketing department the Make way.

By adding a zip code field to the Lead Ads form, and using Make, Airtable, and Facebook Lead Ads, his solution automatically matches the zip code from the lead form with an appropriate dealer within the company.

:white_check_mark: The results:

  • no need for the marketing department to download lead forms and send info to dealers manually
  • no need to localize Facebook campaigns
  • short time to set up + lower average cost-per-lead = big-time ROI.

Read more about Stepan’s solution below:

What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

Automating Facebook Leads distribution from distributor to dealers.

Why did the problem exist?

We developed the solution for a marketing department of a distribution company. The problem appeared because the company has a centralized marketing budget system. So the marketing campaigns are launched in the central company for the central company itself, and for each dealer/partner also. To be able to distribute the leads between the central company and all dealers, they were launching one campaign for each region/dealer.

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

Previously, they were creating 1 Facebook campaign for each dealer, which was about 20 campaigns. Then they manually downloaded the results and sent to the dealers on a daily basis. Instead, we created a database for ZIP/Dealers lookup in Airtable and created a scenario in Make to automatically match the ZIP code from the lead form with the dealer.

We added a ZIP code field to the lead forms and created an automated ZIP lookup and lead distribution based on Airtable databases. We were searching for the ZIP in the Airtable database and getting back the email and name of the dealer. Then we were sending email to the dealer and adding the lead to the main CRM. Potentially, we could also add the leads directly to dealers CRM. But that was not needed at that time.

What did your solution achieve?

  • saved 2 hours daily of a marketer’s work
  • almost 2x leads for the same price
  • we spent 15 hours setting up the system, so the RIO was insane

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