How to create a new Google Sheet and map the location

Hi Make-Community!

I have difficulties creating a new Google Sheet and determining the exact location where the Google Sheet should be saved.
My flow is the following:

  1. Create Folder in my Google Drive
  2. Create Google Sheet
    In (2) I want to map the Google Drive ID to the location of my new Google Sheet. For some reason I don’t see any way to define the location of the Google Sheet.
    Is it the case that this is not possible within make or am I missing something here?

Thank you so much and looking forward to your responses!

Hey @Kilian ,

You should see every app from google as a different “module” doing it’s own thing. A spreadsheet is just a file somewhere in drive. If you want to move this file (could be any other file in drive) you have to use the Google Drive module.

Reference for more information can be found at the API reference


Hey @Bjorn.drivn ,
thank you so much for the support, this just made my life so much easier! Your hint with seeing every app as it’s own thing helped a lot and I’ll keep this in mind!
Have a lovely day!