How to detect changes to Hubspot's additional emails on contacts

We recently migrated our CRM database from Airtable to HubSpot, and because we still have quite a few uses for up-to-date info about companies and contacts in Airtable, I built a set of Make automations that mirror key details about new or updated records in HubSpot in our core Airtable base.

I’m running into an issue where changes to the “additional emails” on a contact in HubSpot aren’t getting caught, so our two databases get out of sync. This is due to the way HubSpot models email addresses on a contact: there is a primary Email property, and then internally an additional list of other email addresses associated with the contact. When using the “Get a Contact” object for HubSpot in Make, you can manually specify an output property of “hs_additional_emails”, and HubSpot will provide the comma-separated list of additional emails as a sort of pseudo-property, but unfortunately it’s not a real property, so changes to only those additional emails don’t trigger the “Watch CRM Objects” object for HubSpot.

In additional to listening for changes to existing records in HubSpot using the “Watch CRM Objects” object for the built-in HubSpot app in Make, we also have what HubSpot calls a “Private App” integration that triggers webhooks on various events within HubSpot (e.g. new contacts, merges, deletions, etc.). But here again, unfortunately the additional emails pseudo-property isn’t an option for watching for changes to specific properties.

I’m wondering if anyone in the community has found a work-around for this limitation. Has anyone successfully built an automation in Make that detects changes to the additional emails list on HubSpot contacts to be able to update other databases with the changes?