How to have a HubSpot trigger which triggers only when a specific property is changed

Hey, I have a HubSpot automation I’ve built with the “Watch Contacts” module. What I want to do is for the trigger to work only when a property called “Lead Status” is modified/changed but MAKE don’t have such a trigger and only has “Watch Contacts” module that triggers whenever any property is modified.

What can I do to counter the problem

Hi @Fahad_Sheji!

Here are a couple of options you can use depending on what HubSpot features you have access to:

  1. If you are able to use the “Send a Webhook” action in a HubSpot workflow, use the “Webhooks” trigger in Make:
  • Build a workflow with the enrollment criteria “Lead status is known” and enable reenrollment. This will enroll a contact every time the value changes.
  • Add the “Send a Webhook” action to the HubSpot workflow. This can be used to send the contact data over to Make.
  • You can then use the “Webhooks” trigger in Make to “catch” the contact data from the workflow.
  1. If you have HubSpot lists and workflows, but not the “Send a webhook” action in HubSpot, you can use the “Watch contacts added to a list” HubSpot trigger in Make:
  • Build a workflow with the enrollment criteria mentioned in Option 1 above to get contacts when their lead status changes.
  • Then add any enrolled contact to a static list using the “Add to static list” action, then delay for 1 minute, and then remove the contact from the same static list using the “Remove from static list” action. This will add the contact to the static list just long enough for it to trigger the scenario in Make using the HubSpot “Watch contacts added to a list” trigger. This might work without the minute delay, but I’ve never tested it.
  1. If you don’t have access to lists or workflows, but can create a “Contact property change” subscription in a HubSpot Developer portal, use the “Webhooks” Make trigger:
  • This one is the most complicated, but can be used with any HubSpot subscription, even free.
  • You would need to set up an app in a HubSpot developer portal, and use a webhook to subscribe to contact property changes (documentation here )
  • You can then use the “Webhooks” trigger in Make to catch the webhook every time the property changes. You could also use the “Watch notifications” HubSpot trigger in Make, but it probably does the same thing.

Hope one of these options works for you!

Wow, thanks for the detailed explanation mate.

What I ended up doing was creating a date property named
“Lead Status Datestamp”. & then made a workflow on HubSpot with the enrolment condition
“Lead Status Know” which updated that property with the date on which the lead status was changed.

Then on MAKE using the “Watch Records” as a trigger, there’s a condition that checks if “Lead Status Datestamp” is known and if “Lead Status Datestamp” is = to “Last Modified Date”.

I then removed that date field once my automation is run so any updates to that contact on the same day won’t trigger the automation again.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this approach.

Here’s a screenshot in case you’re interested in it