How to have the new HubSpot Module to trigger only when a particular property is updated

Hey everyone, I am facing this particular issue and can’t figure out how to do it.

I want the HubSpot module to trigger only if a particular contact property on HubSpot is updated.

Basically, if the “lead status” property is updated, then based on the status, I have routers setup.

Currently, the automation triggers whenever anything is updated on a contact and this is causing a lot of problems as I want the automation to start only if the “Lead Status” property is changed and nothing else.

Is there any solution to this?

Hello @Fahad_Sheji nice to meet you.

You can try to build a custom app in HubSpot Developer account and use a webhook as trigger in and after that you can follow this steps:

Trigger HubSpot webhook on custom properties:

  1. Get the Developer Account API Key
  2. Get the App ID from the Developer Account App link
  3. Get the property ID from the main HubSpot environment Setting/Properties
  4. Run this Post with an HTTP module to add the subscription:

curl --request POST

–data ‘{“active”: true, “eventType”: “{OBJECT_TYPE}.propertyChange”, “propertyName”: “{PROPERTY_NAME}” }’

Please follow this documentation: HubSpot CRM (

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

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