HubSpot deal property update to trigger new Microsoft Planner task

I would like a HubSpot deal custom property update to trigger a new task in Microsoft Planner. I have it working to create a task successfully, but it is triggering when a deal is updated, instead of when a property is updated.

Deal custom property is updated >> Task is created in Planner with Deal info

I have it set up with Watch CRM Objects and here is a screenshot. Do I need to use a webhook? Not sure how to do that but just wondering if it is possible with Watch CRM Object?

Is there any update about that, I want Trigger when the Stage changes to a specific status. but sometimes it executes again after some minutes!



If you can use a webhook from HubSpot (you need the operation Hub to do it) it’s great. Then, y ou can send the HubSpot id of the deal (or every properties you need) in the webhook.